1. General

In these conditions of sale:

  • The company means Resourceful Earth Ltd.
  • Correspondence address: Chalrton Field Lane, Nr Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2TN.
  • The customer means any person contracting with the company for the supply of products or services.
  • Delivery means delivery by the company or any subcontractor employed by the company directly or indirectly.

These conditions may only be modified by a variation in writing signed on behalf of the company by a Director.
Submission of a purchase order via email, telephone or in person will be taken as agreement to these conditions of sale.
2. Supply of Products

Products are sold under the express understanding that:

  1. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights
  2. Contracts for the supply of goods or services to retail or domestic customers are governed by The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and supplied in compliance with, The Consumer Protection (distance selling) regulations 2000 as amended by S1689 2005. Any customers contacting in the course of their business are excluded from consumer protection legislation and are contacting with the company on a business to business basis.
  3. The customer is fully made aware of conditions of sale regarding natural products. We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colours of products shown on this site exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colours of the physical products themselves. Natural products may show some colour and weight variations. All sizes quoted are approximate.
  4. The company require any complaint to be made in writing by the customer within a reasonable time (within 2 days) of collection or delivery. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product then it must be returned to the company within 5 working days after the complaint has be logged. A refund will then be made for the original purchase price.
  5. All prices quoted by the company for the sale of any products include the cost of delivery and VAT unless otherwise stated.
  6. Customers are required to pay by cash/ cheque or BACS transfer at the time of ordering or upon completion of delivery. Payment may also be made by credit or debit card prior to delivery.
  7. All products (however delivered) shall be at the customers risk from the time of collection (if so collected) or from the time of delivery. After such time the company shall be under no liability for loss or damage or deterioration of the product from whatever cause arising.

        4. Cancellation/Returns Policy

  1. The customer has the right to cancel any product or services. Any cancellation must be made no later than 3 hours prior to delivery.
  2. In the event of delivered goods no longer being required for whatever reason customers are required to return the goods at their own expense to Reorganics, Charlton Field Lane, Nr Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2TN within 7 working days of delivery, when a refund for the goods will be given. Should the goods be faulty the Company will pay the cost of returning the goods and provide a full refund for the goods.
  3. This does not effect your statutory rights.

        5. Order amendments

Any order amendments must be made before goods are dispatched, dispatch may be up to 24 hours prior to delivery. We are unable to amend orders after dispatch.

        6. Company’s Premises

  1. The customer will at all times be responsible for the security and insurance of their equipment.
  2. The customer will comply with all requirements of Health & Safety Legislation.
  3. The company accepts no responsibility for injury or damage caused to persons or equipment whilst on company premises.

7.         Working Days

Working days are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday 8am to 1pm. Saturday from 1pm onwards and Sunday are not working days.

These conditions and any contract or variation are governed by the law of  England. Any disputes arising from these conditions or any contract or variation entered into by the company with the customer which cannot be settled in the ordinary course of business shall be referred to a single arbitrator in accordance with the arbitration act 1950 or any modification thereof for the time being in force.

8.         Incoming Waste Terms and conditions:

  1. For the purpose of incoming waste,
  • The ‘company’ means Resourceful Earth Ltd
  • The ‘customer’ means the person entering the Company’s site and the person or body (indorporated or uninicorporated) named on the waste transfer notes (WTN) exchanged between the company and customer at reception.
  • The ‘customer’s lorry’ means the lorry described on the WTN.
  • The ‘load’ means the material described on the WTN loaded on the customer’s lorry.
  1. The Customer must provide to the Company a valid, up to date Waste Carriers licence if they are carrying any waste on to the Company’s site.
  1. The customer must ensure that the weight, composition, description and Environmental Waste Code (EWC) of the load is in accordance with all legislation and other legal requirements applicable to transporting the load on the highway and depositing the load at the company’s permitted site.
  1. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the description of the load given on the customer’s WTN is correct in all particulars.
  1. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure the load is in accordance with the description on the customers WTN and the description on the customers WTN matches that of the Company’s WTN.
  1. The company shall not accept toxic, dangerous, hazardous waste.
  1. Where a load differs from the description on a WTN or where a WTN has not been properly completed and signed by the customer the Company reserves the right to refuse the waste on site.
  1. Payment for material in to the site shall be immediately or, with prior agreement, within 30 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed with the Company in writing.
  1. It is the responsibility of the company to provide safe and lawful access to the point of loading/unloading and safe and adequate space for unloading the load.
  1. A load remains the responsibility of the customer to the point where the material has been fully inspected and accepted as suitable by the Company, at the reception point and on site.
  1. Should an unsuitable load (not as described on the WTN by the customer) be tipped on site the customer will incur a fly tipping fine and the customer is liable for the removal of this load off site.
  1. The Company cannot be held liable in the event of any loss, or damage to a customer’s vehicle or personal property whilst entering the company’s site or whilst on the Company’s site.
  1. The Company cannot be held responsible for injury or death of the customer whist on site due to negligence or failure to comply with site rules on the part of the customer.
  1. No children or animals are permitted on Company’s site.
  1. Customers visiting the site must pay due care and attention and abide by site rules to ensure they do not pose a risk to other persons or equipment on site.
  1. Customers must obey the maximum 10mph speed limit on the company’s permitted site.
  1. Smoking is not permitted on the Company’s permitted site.


        This policy does not affect your statutory rights

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