It is now widely perceived that the solution to the global energy crisis does not lie in one place, but rather in many places that, combined, have the potential to provide the population with sustainable and clean energy for future generations.

Sustainable energy is good news for us and good for the environment.

Resourceful Earth are working to become part of the sustainable energy solution by utilising organic waste as a potential energy resource via Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and biomass.

Construction of our new Renewable Energy  Facility has now begun.

If you need to contact us:

Telephone: 0117 986 7122


For news and updates on our progress, please visit our blog page here

Hours of construction will generally be between 08.00 and 18.00 hrs

Any disruption is likely to be around Charlton Field Lane junction with Charlton Road, outsite the site.

For further information refer to our Energy FAQs.

For our various planning consents, please take a look at our Planning Consent Documents page.

Timescale for Development:

  •    construction from now until the middle of 2017; 
  •    food waste bought in and energy production starting Feb 2017, 
  •    construction work complete mid 2017, 
  •    fully commissioned late in 2017.

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